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Hi, I'm Andy – owner of apluss creative.

Andy Towler, owner of Apluss Creative, standing smiling in front of some trees
I’ve been working as a professional graphic designer and illustrator since 2009. My key strength is versatility - I have worked in many different areas of design, and am able to jump from project to project nimbly and with precision.
As a creative, I aim to take a concept, break it down to its most basic parts, and reassemble it in a way that can surprise, delight, or interrupt the day-to-day. Usually seen with a sketchbook in hand, I believe inspiration can come from anywhere, anytime, and that sometimes the simplest idea can create the deepest impact.
As for experience, I have worked in many different areas, including but not limited to book publishing, magazines, event design, packaging and products, promotional design, corporate training and eLearnings, web and digital platform design, and many others.
My desire is to help you break the mold and create a product that will force people to stop and take notice.
Abstract Paint

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