Rich's Car Wash:

Swag Training 

Training Platform Branding and Design

 Branding, Platform Design, Digital 

SWAG Training (which stands for "Smile", "Wear It Well", "Add Value", and "Grow Loyalty") is the online training training and compliance brand developed for Rich's Car Wash on the Learner Mobile microlearning platform. This project was created while working as Design & Media Specialist at SVI.
Brand/Platform Overview
Rich’s Car Wash boasts a chain of full-service car wash locations extending across the southeastern United States. Theirs is a company with a LOT of personality, and they were looking to develop a training and development brand that matched their funky persona, while also “keeping it clean” and easy to navigate. SWAG Training sought to be the perfect marriage of those two ideals.
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Content on the Learner Mobile platform is divided into separate category feeds called channels. These icons appear in a grid on the app "channel view", as well as tagged on each learning on the main feed.
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Card Images
Each individual training on the platform has its own title or “card” image that links to the training within (think Netflix on desktop or Instagram on mobile). Here are a few sample card images that were designed for their content: